Alyssa Barron

Alyssa Barron Alyssa Barron

Alyssa is currently the Team Leader for GHD’s Hydrogeology team in Perth. She is a Senior Environmental Hydrogeologist with 9 years industry experience. She holds a Bachelor of Natural Resource Management and a Master of Hydrogeology from the University of Western Australia. As a consulting professional, Alyssa has experience in range of industries including civil projects, construction, transport, mining and energy; and local and state government. Alyssa has a background in Water Resourcing, Pollution Management and Water Engineering (specifically wastewater) with a particular focus on hydrogeochemistry.

Alyssa is passionate about the environment, assisting people in distress and providing access the clean water resources. Alyssa desires to work in humanitarian aid and to be on the standby register with RedR.

Most recently Alyssa participated in a Rotary International Vocational Exchange in Parana, Brazil. She has also participated in volunteer programs in India, the Philippines, Peru, and Uganda. She is currently a member of the WA WaterAid Committee, is assisting with technical advice for a water supply project in rural Laos villages with Rotary Perth and is involved with Engineers Without Borders WASH team.

Alyssa is enthusiastic about health, nutrition and fitness. She loves attending the gym, is a keen yogi and is currently enjoying all the latest raw food businesses popping up around Perth. Alyssa has a strong desire for travel and adventure and has proudly stepped on every continent on the planet. She also enjoys hiking and mountain trekking. She has been fortunate enough to have undertaken tertiary studies in Denmark, Poland and Slovenia. She has worked professionally in the Philippines and travelled to over 40 countries.