Constructing a Fair Future

In creating and maintaining the built environment, on behalf of our clients, CCA strives not only to deliver on our contractual requirements, but also to enhance the lives of the many people affected by our work.

The scale of the work that passes through our hands gives CCA a great opportunity and responsibility to influence a future that is sustainable and equitable for the present and coming generations.

The CCA has developed an initiative known as Constructing a Fair Future which combines a set of principles and actions to improve the contribution of the Western Australian construction contracting industry in the following areas:

  • Creating opportunities for development of graduates and new employees;
  • Maintaining equity and fairness in recruitment, development, and advancement;
  • Supporting philanthropy that leverages the unique capability of our members and their employees;
  • Promoting the use of sustainable resources, including utilising lower energy solutions; and
  • Fostering innovation and the early adoption of technology, to enhance our global competitiveness, and support the above objectives.

Our initiatives for 2018 are:

  • Supporting the National Association of Women in Construction, Mates in Construction and Nudge;
  • Promoting and supporting examples of innovation in the areas of sustainability and energy use that benefit our clients and stakeholders, and enhance our global competitiveness.
  • Collaborating with other Industry Associations (Engineers Australia, Civil Contractors Federation, Master Builders Association)
  • Collaborate with the development of Infrastructure WA
  • Ensure we focus across industry sectors equally; Roads, Rail, Water, Defence, Resources, Ports and Buildings, as the economy recovers.
  • In 2015, 2016 and 2017 CCA sponsored the following persons to attend Red R training. Julie NguyenAlyssa BarronRhian Wardley and Shane Woods.

Member Organisations